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“Oh no! Lizzie has lice!”

Our Story

“Oh no! Lizzie has lice!” and with those words began what our family has now dubbed “the lice storm of 2014”. 100’s of dollars and 100’s of hours later (11 family members with head lice, and 2 re-infestations) we did conquer the little pests.
We, like most people who have had a lice infestation, lost our minds! We over-treated and over-cleaned, but worst of all, we used harsh pesticide products on our children, and still we were plagued by 2 re-infestations.
Finally, it occurred to me there has to be a better way. After much research, I discovered Katie Shepherd and the Shepherd Institute for head lice research and training. In October 2014, I went to West Palm Beach where I was trained and certified in the Shepherd Method of head lice removal.
We have now opened our own center where professional treatment and education is available to the Central Maine area. We are just a phone call away.

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