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Providing effective and reliable Lice Removal Treatments in the Maine area

As a leading head lice removal clinic in Waterville, ME, we ensure to exceed our clients’ expectations and prioritize their needs. We continuously try to hone our craft to bring our clients the most accurate information about head lice and maximize the effectiveness of our treatments. Our service-oriented approach, effective but gentle products, and competitive pricing are the hallmark of our job. Whether you buy our products or come to us for on-site treatments, we are pledged to stay with you throughout the completion of treatment, including follow up head check-ups. We guarantee you a lice-free and nit-free head at the end of our treatment.


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Head Lice Removal Services

Haven’t found a solution to your child’s hair lice infestation yet? We have a solution. We guarantee you a lice-free and nit-free head!

  • Lice Removal New York

    Initial Head Lice Check

    We do a thorough head check using our Terminator lice comb. During a head check, we check the hair for lice, paying special attention to the “hot spots” which typically are behind the ears and the nape of the neck.

  • Head Lice Removal New York

    Lice Removal Treatment

    We do a complete comb out of the hair using our Terminator lice comb, starting at the nape of the neck. We part the hair into 1/4 - 1/2 inch strips, apply product and comb until all lice & nits are removed from that section.

  • Lice Treatment Maine


    It is our goal that you not only leave our shop lice free, but we want you to be informed as much as possible, so that you can be equipped to battle this in the future without panic, excessive work, and without trying ineffective means of treating.

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  • They stayed with our tough case until we were LICE FREE!


    Lice Treatment Center New York
  • Everyone was so nice and very professional


    Lice Removal New York
  • My little girl felt so comfortable as the staff work on her hair!


    Lice Treatment Center New York
  • Q. Head lice can fly from one head to another.
  • Q. Head lice produce tiny eggs (nits) which appear as white specks or as dark specks on the hair.
  • Q. Head lice mature in 7 – 10 days
  • Q. Head lice can be successfully treated with common over-the-counter products.

A. False. Head lice do not have wings so they are unable to fly.

A. True. Nits are sometimes easy, sometimes difficult to see on the hair. A clear nit usually indicates a nit that has hatched. A dark, plump nit indicates a viable nit. However, there is a broad range of what nits look like, and people often mistake simple dandruff or debris for nits.

A. True. Nits go through 3 stages before becoming an adult louse. This process generally takes 7 to 10 days.

A. False. There is no miracle cure for head lice. And any product will only be as good as the person behind the comb. We don’t advocate the use of OTC products, but we will not say they never work. However, DO NOT depend on these products. Super Lice is the result of the overuse of these products. Many OTC products contain chemicals that are harsh for the hair, and scalp, and worst of all, they are neurotoxins and can cause unfavorable neuro symptoms

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