Head Lice Removal Services

Head Lice Treatment Center in Waterville, ME & Clifton Park, NY

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Our Services at our All About Lice salon take accurate aim at interrupting the life cycle of the louse, which is the only way to rid yourself of head lice. We are trained in the Shepherd Method of head lice removal. The Shepherd Method includes treating with a non-toxic, safe product, proven to be effective in treating both live lice and their eggs (nits). We use the Terminator lice comb, the most effective lice comb on the market today, and do a thorough comb out removing all of the lice and eggs. The treatment includes all follow up care; shampoo, a Terminator Lice comb, and a final head check within 7 days of the initial treatment. We recommend head checks on additional members of your household to ensure that re-infestation does not occur and so that we can GUARANTEE our treatments. We also teach you how to minimize the cleaning of your home and belongings to prevent further infestation, and we will help you separate fact from fiction.

We are pleased to announce that we now have a second treatment facility located in Clifton Park NY operated by Donna Conklin. Donna is the daughter of the owner of parent company All About Lice, Waterville, ME. Call Donna with your questions and concerns. (518) 603-6882.