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Common Mistakes People Make After Discovering Head Lice

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Finding a solution to your child’s hair lice infestation problem can be unnerving. If you’ve failed at eliminating lice and nits from your child’s hair even after trying several remedies and treatments, it may be because you’re unknowingly committing a few mistakes. To avoid these errors and give your child a lice-free and nit-free head, it’s best to enlist the services of a head lice professional.

A lice removal professional will not only use effective products and methods but also help you steer clear of mistakes by educating you on different lice removal techniques. To help you avoid any errors in the process of lice removal, All About Lice has compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make after discovering head lice. 

1. Feeling panicky and ashamed 
Most people who experience head lice for the first time have no idea what to do. Head lice come with a certain stigma attached, something head lice removal clinics are doing their best to correct. And most people set out to try and find out who they can blame. None of these responses are helpful, but they are visceral reactions to something they see as so socially unacceptable. Blaming others can unfairly disrupt relationships. There is no shame in having head lice, as it is as common as catching a cold and should not be viewed any differently than any other community-acquired illness. So instead of panicking, we want people to stop, take a deep breath, and read what professionals have to tell you before you do anything.

2. Buying OTC products and using them repeatedly 
Permethrin and its first cousin Pyrethrin are harsh chemicals. Many of the most frequently used over-the-counter (OTC) products contain these chemicals. These chemicals are harsh on the hair and scalp - they are neurotoxins when used repeatedly and can cause other issues. These products don’t work very well due to years of overuse, producing what we now call “super lice.” Most of our clients come to us after having unsuccessfully used these products. Please allow us to guide you before you choose a course of action. There are effective home remedies that we can recommend as well.

3. Throwing away clothes, toys, furniture, etc.
Bagging up toys and throwing away belongings, including clothing and furniture, is not the solution. People believe that head lice can live on furniture, clothing, toys, etc., but this is not true. Head lice live approx twenty-four hours off the head. Adult lice require a blood meal every six hours. One missed feeding, and the lice begin to dehydrate and start to die. Focusing on your surrounding is a huge mistake when tackling lice. The focus needs to be on eliminating lice and all nits from the hair.

If you’re looking to steer clear of these and other mistakes related to head lice removal, reach out to All About Lice. As one of the best head lice removal clinics in Waterville, ME, and we are committed to giving our clients the most effective and reliable lice removal treatments. We ensure that we educate our clients on the subjects of head lice and head lice removal and spend as much time as needed with them to make sure that they understand our process and methods thoroughly. Whether our clients purchase our products or come to us for on-site treatments, we stay with them throughout the treatment, including follow up head check-ups. 

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