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Hair spray is NOT a lice deterrent

Author: All About Lice |


Hello Friends, I would like to address something that comes up over and over in our shop. One question I hear A LOT is "but, if I wear hairspray the lice don't like it right, I'm safe then, right'? I wish I could tell you all this was true but it simply is not. Hair spray is NOT a lice deterrent. It goes hand in hand with the dirty vs. clean hair myths floating about.

Friends, believe me when I say lice just like hair and a warm body. Over the counter hair sprays, gels, and other various products are not in any way a deterrent to those creepy, crawly little buggers. There are OTC products that contain oils i.e. rosemary, tea tree, peppermint, that lice do not like. Even those however are NOT a guarantee that a louse will avoid your hair. But given the choice between a hair scented with something they don't like and a regular hair they MAY choose to crawl into the untreated hair. Please keep in mind a louse looking for new home will instinctively grab onto any hair it comes into contact with. and it happens with lightning speed. Especially from hair to hair and head to head.

We recommend our Remedy 2 in 1 spray, or Lice Logic's repel spray. Both of these products contain the oils mentioned above and a yeast enzyme that kills lice. The absolute best way to keep an infestation away is diligence with using your Nit Free Terminator lice comb. or Lice Logic's lice and nit comb. Once a week during the school year, after sleepovers, or after travel by bus or plane ect.

Please call us if you have questions. We will be happy to help you troubleshoot and figure out your next steps. You are not alone, we can help!