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Sarah-Kay Campbell

Author: Mock Webware |

When the dreaded day came that my elementary school aged child brought some extra itchy friends home (those little critters don’t discriminate) they very quickly wore out their welcome so I tried over the counter treatments and hours of combing. I also did the overly excessive cleaning thing thinking my house was the hot new hang out spot for every louse in town. I was sure I had gotten rid of them all, and even threw myself a party because I was so proud of myself for curing my household of lice. A couple weeks later, I found a big mama louse had been laying little spawns in my child’s hair again. I felt way too overwhelmed so I did what I should have done in the first place and contacted All About Lice. They got us in the next morning for head checks and then treated my child who was infested. We had our follow up appointment where only one egg was found! And the peace of mind was well worth it. Incredibly friendly and accommodating technicians and super cute little studio! 10/10 would recommend.