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Tina Shores-Chartrand

Author: Mock Webware |

Miss Mary asked us if we would be willing to share our experience on facebook as she stated that a lot of her clients do not like to post reviews on social media because of the stigma related to lice. I have to admit that I told my children to not tell their friends that they had lice and not to talk openly about it. I realize that it can happen to any family, but as a mother, I was devastated that I allowed my children to be exposed to lice. Lice has such a negative stigma to it. When I found out my child(ren) had lice, I sat there and cried. I thought about all of the overwhelming cleaning and head checking that I would have to do. Plus, how did I allow this to happen to my family and my home??? I truly thought I failed as a mother and a wife. Shortly after I found out that my child had lice, I contacted All About Lice. They contacted me right back and scheduled me a time to come into the shop that day. My daughter was devastated and was so sad that she had lice. Miss Mary (aka: the Lice Doctor) made her feel comfortable. By the end of the very thorough inspection of my daughter's hair, my daughter could recite a substantial amount of information about lice and its development. My daughter at the end of the inspection stated, "I can smile now because my lice is gone." She made my children feel at ease and educated. Miss Mary put my extreme anxiety and embarrassment at ease as a mother. The knowledge she offered to our family about lice and the treatment was remarkable. She made me realize that I did not have to burn my house down and throw away everything we owned. I would recommend this service to anyone who feels overwhelmed, defeated and embarrassed about contradicting lice. Miss Mary made me feel like this was something I could tackle and overcome. My children left her shop feeling happy, educated and normal. As a mother, I left her shop feeling educated and certain that I could overcome this situation. Miss Mary made me feel like I was not alone and that she was right by my side throughout this situation. I am so thankful to have met Miss Mary and gained the knowledge necessary to combat this infestation. I left her shop feeling relieved and thankful. I would recommend this service to everyone who is experiencing this situation. I am truly thankful to Miss Mary. THANK YOU!